Outreach Programs Snakes

After the completion of the 2021-2022 school year and for the summer months, Outreach Programs will only be available during the following:

  • June 6-17
  • July 27
  • August 3,10, and 22-26

Program Details

Add the following fees if your class is located in:

  • $0 Virginia Beach
  • $25 Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth
  • $45 Newport News, Hampton, Suffolk, and Poquoson
  • $65 Williamsburg and Yorktown

Tiny Tots Turtles
Explore turtles through stories, songs, games, artifacts, and live animal experiences.

  • 30-minute session
  • 30 Students (ages 2-3) per session
  • $150/program ($125/program for 2 or more programs)

T is for Turtle
Learn all about turtles through stories, games, and hands-on experiences.

  • 40-minute program for students ages 4-6
  • $175 single program
  • $150 two or more programs
  • Program includes live animal, story, song, and interactive activities.
  • 50-minute program
  • $200 single program
  • $175 for two or more programs

Sea Turtle from Egg to Adult (grades 1-3)
Students will examine the world of sea turtles through hands-on activities and artifacts highlighting the life cycle of a sea turtle. Learn how the sea turtle has adapted to life in the ocean.

Out in the Ocean (grades 3-5)
Learn about the features of the ocean floor, zones of life, and amazing adaptations for surviving in the deep, dark sea.

Wetlands and Watersheds (grades 4-9)
What’s a watershed? How do watersheds affect water quality? How do people impact watersheds? Find out through this hands-on program that highlights the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Sea Turtle Rescue (grades 4-12)
Students play the role of marine scientists as they explore research techniques to help stranded marine animals.

Sea Level Rise in Virginia (Grades 6-12)
Explore Virginia’s geologic past and how sea-level rise will impact our community. Students take a solutions-based approach to this local problem using hands-on STEM

Learning Objectives

Learn more about the SOL and Learning Objectives here.

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